Keywording Consulting Service
experience in all keywording aspects

Dependable, Consistent, Valuable

Call (212) 463-8300 to discuss your needs
• Ask us about distilling your existing words for submissions to Getty™, Alamy™ or Jupiter™
• Synonyms for "Rest of World" distribution
• From the guys who "wrote the book" on keywording
• Using the best thesaurus (Keyword Compiler, of course)

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KC Lite™
the easiest keywording software

Easy, Fast, Effective
• Super Simple, six step keywording process
• Power of the Keyword Compiler thesaurus, refined since 1997
• Easy copy & paste for IPTC/File Info
• Improved keywording = More stock photo sales

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download Mac KC Lite
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Keyword Compiler™
the most powerful keywording software

Versatile, All Inclusive, Bulk Processing

Call (212) 463-8300
• The most powerful and advanced keywording software available
• Choose from three interfaces
• Bulk process multiple records
• Available in desktop, web and centralized server versions
• Recommended by, the stock photo search engine™

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full versions (demo included):
download for Mac OS9
download v4.14 for Mac OSX
download v4.12 for PC

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Looking for stock photography or samples of keywording?
We recommend the stock photo search engine

Keyword Compiler facilitates keywording for stock photography,
photos, imagery, motion, footage, video and other forms of content
for photographers, creators and stock photo agencies,
to make their creative works easy to find in database searches.

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