In the late 1990's, we could see that photographers and small stock agencies would need help in keywording images to get them more broadly distributed online. Keyword Compiler was born. Created by photographers for photographers, it's a unique experiment in the photo community - a free tool that grows from the suggestions of users. The credit for Keyword Compiler goes to Dagmar Fabricius, Randy Taylor, Evan Frohlich and the many users who contribute words and suggestions. Starting with version 4.0 in September 2005, this mature keywording software offers a paid upgrade for power users (to help offset the 8 years of development costs.) Classic functions are still free.

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Keyword Compiler facilitates keywording for stock photography,
photos, imagery, motion, footage, video and other forms of content
for photographers, creators and stock photo agencies,
to make their creative works easy to find in database searches.