Current Versions: KC Lite v4.1.4; KeywordCompiler v4.1.3
Last Major Upgrade: Version 4.1.2 (Available July 4, 2006)
Improvements include:

• v4.1.2 offers bug fixes over v4.0
• 13,000+ inter-related keywords, phrases and synonyms
• New, Easy "Simple" and "All-In-One version"
• Bulk export IPTC and into images via Image Info Toolkit II on Mac
• Access now for Bulk, Admin, List views and power-user functions in Classic mode
• Ability to copy and past words, lists of words, captions, etc. from one record into one or more records
• Toggle on/off pop up help which explains every move you make
• Create customized groupings of keywords and add them all to an image with a single click
• Podcast guided tours and BLOG support
• Ability to find or replace a word in the hundreds of caption, proper name, keyword and synonym fields

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